Voices of Christmas - Simeon

I have imagined the reactions and thought processes of those people involved in the Christmas narrative.

I hope that it will assist your meditations on these events with fresh thoughts.

It was tumultuous times – the wicked king was dead and his son, who was worse, had ascended the throne.

Herod the Great had thought nothing of murdering members of his own family. His son, another Herod, was just as cruel and jealous of any possible rivals as his father.

In the midst of the political uncertainty, I still went to the temple as I hoped that God would speak to us in our situation. There had been 400 years since the last time God had given His words to us. It seemed a hopeless possibility that He would talk to His people after such a long time, but I was expectant that He would.

I was dedicated in my attendance at the temple as God might turn up and I would not be there. It was be a tragedy if that was to happen.  The Holy Spirit had told me that I would not die until I saw the Anointed One, the child who would come to rescue mankind.

As weeks progressed, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to go to the temple as I usually do; but, on this occasion, I observed an ordinary man and woman trundle across the courtyard, tenderly carrying a small bundle. They were almost anonymous, indistinguishable from any of the other couples who were milling around Jerusalem at the time. The Holy Spirit within me prompted me to move in their direction – it was a sensation that I could not explain as it had not happened before. I was sure that I was an observer of history being changed and, more importantly, that I would be transformed in the process.

They passed the new-born child to me as an act of wanting to be blessed, an extraordinary act as they were there to bring their offering to the priest on duty. They had brought two pigeons to be sacrificed, the offering of poor people so that Mary could be purified after giving birth.

As I peered into the cloths, I saw a tiny baby with its small brown eyes looking back at me. Inexplicably, I felt such peace and calm in the centre of the chaos, given to me by one so young.

I couldn’t do anything but break out in spontaneous praise to God. I knew that I could go on into the rest of my life, full of the peace that only He could provide and given to me by this child, Jesus. I knew that, in my arms, was the baby who would grow up to bring God’s salvation because he is God.

I knew that it was not a political revolution that would be the outcome, for the malaise of the world was not removal of the tyrants but what was wrong deep down within each man, woman and child. It was not merely for us as the Jewish people, but also for the Gentiles. It was the privilege of God’s chosen people, the Jews, that the salvation of the whole world would come from us.

When I had finished praising God, I blessed the child in my arms and handed him back to his mother.

Ø What wholeness and peace have you experienced from Jesus?
Ø What room have you made for God in your life?
Ø What are you waiting for God to do in your life and in the lives of others?