Voices of the Passion and Easter - Jesus

I have imagined the reactions and thought processes of those people involved in the Good Friday and Easter narrative.

I hope that it will assist you to meditate on these events with fresh thoughts.

Even from the beginning of time, the Father, the Spirit and Myself knew that a rescue plan would be needed.

We created man and woman who would have the freedom to love us, but also conversely have the freedom to walk away from us. It was a risk but, looking down through the tunnel of time, we knew that they would succumb to the temptation that would be offered to them.

We agreed that I would go to earth, an undistinguished planet in the vast cosmos, as a baby and grow into manhood in a nation that was small and insignificant. I would travel mainly in the northern part of this country, preaching and doing good deeds among the people.

However, the actual mission would be in the final days of my time there. Although I dropped heavy hints that I would be arrested, beaten and put to death, my followers would be slow to understand. Time and time again, I would say whether or not my hour had come for us as the Godhead were to be glorified.

The sad thing was that there were those in religious leadership who rejected what I came to do. They had been appointed to lead My special people so that they would worship us, but instead they averted the Jewish nation from the One who had come to redeem them.

In my final meal before the denouement, I would announce that I would be bringing in a new covenant by the breaking of my body and the spilling of my blood. As we had liberated the Jewish people from their slavery in Egypt many years previously symbolised by the shedding of the blood of lambs, I would be the Perfect Lamb to release men from the slavery of sin.

Although I knew what was coming and in control of events, there was still part of Me that desired for the plan to be averted so that, indeed, I sweat great drops of blood. It was not because of the experience of death, but because for a short time I would be separated from My Father as I bore the weight of sin (past, present and future) in My body which would be an anathema to Our perfection. I knew that We had been inevitably successful and shouted out in triumph: ‘It is accomplished!’

I knew that, as a result, I would rise because sin and death could not hold Me, so I would appear to those early disciples and then send the Spirit to all those who trust in My finished work on the cross in faith.

In this way, I would draw people from all nations and tongues to be back in restored relationship with us so that We would be glorified.