Voices of the Passion and Easter - Children

I have imagined the reactions and thought processes of those people involved in the Good Friday and Easter narrative.

I hope that it will assist you to meditate on these events with fresh thoughts.

Jesus always had time for us, even when the rest of society tried to keep us in the margins. It was felt that we should be seen and not heard.

Even the disciples didn’t get this new way of thinking. When Jesus wanted to bless us, they tried to turn us away. He told them off! He wanted us to be close to Him as He saw that we were the new generation to spread His good news into the world.

On one occasion, Jesus put one of us in the middle of the crowd and told them that they could not enter the kingdom of heaven unless they became like a child.

When we heard that the Promised One would be coming to Jerusalem, we wanted to do something to celebrate His arrival. We were at the front of the crowd when Jesus came down from Bethany riding on the colt of a donkey.

We were shouting out: ‘Hosanna to the Son of David,’ ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord’ and ‘Hosanna in the highest.’

There was great excitement for the great Rabbi from Galilee, the man responsible for so many miracles, was entering the city of Jerusalem. We cut down branches from the palm trees and laid them and laid them on the road in the parade of triumph.

There were some Pharisees who came along to see what was happening – they were real killjoys. They were not happy at all with what was happening. They called out to Jesus to tell us off for being so jubilant.

Jesus told them: ‘I tell you, if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.’

We didn’t think any more about what Jesus had said as we were so caught up in the moment – wanting to praise the Promised one.

 Later, we were so sad when the adults arrested Jesus, put Him on trial and decided to kill Him on the cross. We couldn’t work out what He had done wrong.

Our parents held us tightly when it came for Jesus to be executed. At the point that He died, there was an enormous earthquake that really frightened us.

Jesus had been right all along – even in His death, the rocks were singing out His praises just as we had done.