The world was in tumult

This article about an effect of abortion was inspired by a storyline in series 8 of Call the Midwife and the film Unplanned by the God’s Not Dead production team (about Planned Parenthood). I make no apology about the emotive language (unlike my other articles) as it is something that affects all of us, not least the preborn children who have no choice.

The world was in tumult – not knowing which way to go, like a person who senses were impaired standing at a busy traffic junction. There was no leadership, no-one to guide the people as to the correct direction.

The political situation was perilous with different loud voices shouting, wanting people to follow them into their haphazard and ill-thought out proposals. There was no rationale behind the thinking – each person being guided by their background, their education, their prejudices with no standing back to consider the positions held by others. Their political philosophies were summarised into neat little soundbites that would hit the headlines or be endorsed on merchandise worn by their followers.

In the economic sector, there was no-one to guide through the labyrinth of statistics and possible scenarios so that a clear position was observed. The currencies seemed meaningless as several countries melted into hyper-inflation, unable to escape from the quagmire that they seemed to have got themselves into.

The populations were so confused that they were not sure if they were experiencing the day of judgement or the beginning of something new and exciting. They knew that they had insufficient money in their wallets, although there were some people who had wealth that make them immune from any calamity. They also know that they had not enough nutritious food, although there were others in the world who ate so much that obesity was the problem for them.  All they knew is that they required leadership that was well-reasoned and assured, to lead them into the way that they should go.

Several decades earlier, a young woman had received the unwanted news that she was pregnant. It was at an inconvenient time of her life – it did not fit in with her career, social life or some other reason. She could not bear to think of the child growing within her as another human, so she resorted to the terms ‘foetus’ or ‘embryo’ as though language would disguise the reality.

Inside her womb, there was a child growing to become more recognisable every day. His or her limbs were developing as nutrition from the mother was entering the tiny body. The arms were identifiable and even the unique fingerprints were well formed. There were already the senses being alerted for the preborn child was aware that the mother was experiencing grief, although he or she was unaware that the cause was them. They heard the sounds of the theme of the mother’s favourite drama theme music, but also the angry arguments as she explained that ‘she was not ready to have a baby now as it was not a good time in her life. There was the distress of the mother as she was forced, emotionally, mentally, into losing the child within her to the physician’s knife. She tried to rationalise it and hid behind words like ‘termination’ as though it could soften the impact of what she was about to do.

The preborn child could feel the anxiety through the chemicals flowing through the bloodstream that they shared with the mother through the placenta. The anxiousness was because they had arrived at a clinic that used euphemisms to cover up what it really did. 

The language included terms like ‘pregnancy advisory,’ ‘planned parenthood’ or ‘woman’s choice’ to camouflage the reality that they were to extinguish a life that they did not think was worthy. There is the grand irony that humanity attempts to disguise its inhumanity by using the neutrality of words so that its real purpose is not questioned. The ‘final solution’ or the ‘good death’ (euthanasia) are used to remove the weak, those who cannot defend themselves.

The concluding act was that the preborn child felt pain as instruments were inserted into the mother’s body to separate her and the life that was growing inside. Without consideration for the child, his or her body was extracted violently to die in the sterile environment. The only saving grace is that the child will be with God in heaven whilst those who perpetrated the child’s demise – the clinicians, the mother – will have to account for their deeds in eternity.

The facts are that it will have a profound effect on the woman as she will feel emotional distress – perhaps not at the time, but probably later on in her life. It could be that she possibly cannot have another child because of the physical impact of the procedure or because of other circumstances, such as not meeting the right person or the physical inability of her partner. There are no winners in this situation, and all will lose, with the preborn child being the greatest victim by forfeiting the opportunity to live.

The irony is that down the hallway or in a nearby hospital, there were the shouts as the medical teams battle to preserve the life of a child, only a few weeks in difference from the aborted baby, whose parents love and want their child to thrive in the world.

The above scenarios are not the playing out of some futuristic apocalypse because we look around our world and see nations and communities crying out for leadership in all manner of spheres. One of the reasons why there is no direction being given is that we have deprived ourselves of leaders by depriving them life. The hopes of the nations are being flushed down the sluice. Humanity has become selective, guided by self-interest and short-termism, and eugenics is playing its part in the modern world as it rejects those not wanted or supposedly needed in ‘society.’

The reality is that the world is paying for each aborted life as those who could be its saviours are removed by force by those who need them most. He or she is a victim of the great war of people against defenceless humanity. Losing generations of statesmen or stateswomen, financiers and bankers, economists, business leaders, philosophers, moralists, teachers, scientists, and valuable artisans and workers, among other categories. We have been left with the dross after the gold has been taken away from us and thrown away.

Those who would challenge and inspire us to new heights have been replaced by people with no substance but can only use soundbites on social media, posturing as insights when they are in reality revealing banalities.

We are proclaiming that people with disabilities are of no consequence and do not contribute to society. In Iceland, it is predicted that there will be no children with Downs Syndrome as prenatal screening would eliminate any child with that condition. It was reported that, in Germany, there will be insurance to cover the possibility of the preborn child having an unwanted condition. In removing these infants from the face of the earth, we are denying families the opportunity to know the love that only these individuals can bring, and we are denying society the opportunity to demonstrate that we know what means to be human.

We have been responsible for our own undoing through sanitised murder by qualified physicians. We quake when we read of Nazi Germany undertaking similar genocide of the innocents and powerless were executed and tortured by ‘medical’ people, but we are relaxed in the Darwinian nightmare that we are sleeping through when the unwanted are disposed of in such a casual manner where we (the strong) can dispose of those who are weak and defenceless.

Because we were born healthy, we have ignored the fact that we could be one of the many who were terminated before birth if we were not wanted because it was not convenient for our mother or if we had a genetic disorder. Indeed, as we get older, the logical step would be that we would die prematurely because we had a medical condition (such as dementia, physical deterioration) or that we were a burden on society (if so, we would have lost the genius of people like Stephen Hawking). If we want the full life for ourselves, then we should unselfishly want it for those children who are unborn so that they too can make meaningful contributions to society.

The child that was not wanted then is needed now.

Psalm 139: 13 – 17 – ‘For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
‘I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
‘My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.
‘When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.
‘All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.’